New feature: The Ultimate Guide to Picfair Themes

First published:
April 24, 2024
May 7, 2024

New feature: The Ultimate Guide to Picfair Themes

First published:
April 24, 2024
May 7, 2024

From the fully customizable Light Theme to our Blade Runner-inspired Futuristic Theme, discover Picfair’s NEW design-led Themes that will make your Picfair Store, and your photography within, look spectacular...

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How to set up a Picfair Theme.
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What are Picfair Themes?

Picfair Themes are pre-built designs for your Picfair Store's look and layout.

When you sign up for a Picfair Store, you get ten stunning, pre-built themes to choose from to start building your store, customizing it, and showcasing your images.

The 'Earthy' and 'Future' Picfair Themes

Each Picfair Theme has been created specifically with your images in mind. We’ve put together a theme to suit whatever type of images you take, whether that’s landscape, portrait, travel, macro, or fine art. Or, even if the subject of your photography is just anything that catches your eye, we have a Picfair Theme to suit and made to match a range of aesthetics.

Striking designs; the desktop view of the 'Bold', 'Retro' and 'Pastel' Picfair Themes
Sleek and elegant, the desktop view of the Minimal, Mono and Natural Picfair Themes

Simply put, we want you to have a Picfair Store where we know your pictures will look fabulous–a store that you’re genuinely proud of and passionate about as a home for your photography.

Example of the pic (image page) in a Picfair Store using the 'Future' Picfair Theme

Who designed Picfair Themes?

Our resident photography experts here at Picfair, who collectively have decades of experience working with image makers, have designed each theme with both photography and contemporary web design in mind.

Picfair Themes have been designed based on specific colour sets, layouts and fonts that we know will make your images look beautiful within each setting.

We’ve worked hard to get the Picfair Themes looking great for you, so all you need to do is upload your pictures, arrange them how you like them on your store, and add your own customisations (should you want to!), and you’re good to go!

Screenshot of a pic page on a photographer store using the 'Bold' Picfair Theme

Also, all Picfair Themes have been put together with your visitors and customers in mind, too. We want them to have an enjoyable experience browsing your Picfair Store, and to give them the wow factor when viewing your work.

A beautiful store setting will ultimately help you bring in more repeat visitors, customers, and more revenue to your photography practice.

We’ve engineered Picfair Themes so your visitors and customers have the best experience possible on your Picfair Store!

Customization options

Once you’ve initially set your store up and uploaded some images, you might want to start customising your Picfair Store even more; Picfair Themes allow for that, too!

You can change how your photos are laid out: rows, squares or full screen. Or, you could even add a welcome page or customise your branding, such as by adding your logo and watermark. You can do all this and more with Picfair Themes. Learn more about customisations with our feature guides.

You also have the option to display albums of your images in your store too, regardless of which theme you choose, and we highly recommend sorting your photos into albums for many reasons. Read more about albums here.

What else is new with the launch of Picfair Themes?

1 Updated About page design

Regardless of which Picfair Theme you choose, each includes an About page (see below), where you can add more information about you and your photography store. You can also link your social profiles, and add a picture of yourself-which we would highly recommend, as customers love to see the person behind the camera!

Example of the 'About' page on a photographer's store using the 'Future' Picfair Theme

2 Redesigned checkout

Along with the major update for Picfair Themes, you’ll also see an update to the checkout page with a new design that makes it easier for customers to purchase your images as prints and downloads!

A new checkout page for your Picfair Store also makes the purchasing process much more sleek and streamlined

3 New menu and navigation design

We've updated the navigation across Picfair Stores with new, stylish icons and a redesigned menu look. It fits in beautifully with whichever Picfair Theme you choose for your Picfair Store.

We've also redesigned the Store Menu along with new, sleek, navigation icons. As seen here in with Natural Theme

Also, when browsing Picfair Stores, the Store Menu will be visible when scrolling to the bottom of the page (screenshot below); making it easier for your customers to navigate to your menu items from the bottom of the page. Particularly useful if you have a large collection of images!

The Store Menu will also be visible when scrolling to the bottom of the page, making it easier for your customers to navigate

Explore Picfair Themes

Below you’ll see a brief overview of each Picfair Theme along with some visuals.

Click on example screenshot and any of the links below to see more detailed overview of each Picfair Theme and some ideas of what types of images work with each.

We’ve loved putting these themes together for you, and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much, too; we genuinely can’t wait to see what you do with them!

List of Picfair Themes (in more detail below):

1 Light Theme
2 Dark Theme
3 Retro Theme
4 Natural Theme
5 Minimal Theme
6 Mono Theme
7 Bold Theme
8 Pastel Theme
9 Earthy Theme
10 Future Theme

Light and dark fully-customizable themes

Our Light and Dark base themes are ideal for building your Picfair Store from the ground up. With these Picfair Themes, you can have complete control over the look and feel of your Picfair Store:

1 The Light Theme:

Click through to explore Picfair’s Light Theme

It’s a classic design of black text against a white background, with images set to display in rows and their original ratio.

No matter your images' style, they’ll fit beautifully with this theme! With the Light Theme, we encourage you to try out the customisation options and the range of additional features available (such as uploading your own logo, custom watermark, and welcome splash page) so that it’s personalised and your store really stands out.

Learn more about Picfair’s Light Theme.

The Light Theme is the default theme your store will automatically be set up with, when you first sign up to Picfair and upload your images.

2 The Dark Theme:

Click through to learn more about, and explore Picfair’s Dark Theme

The Dark Theme is the reverse of the Light Theme - a black background against white text. Again, you’ll find that the dark theme will suit almost all types of images in one way or another. However, the Dark Theme also lends itself well to black-and-white photos, night photography, and street photography.

We also encourage you to use the range of additional features available to personalise your store and try out your own layout customisations (such as image display and spacing) with this theme. You can treat the Dark Theme as a base and build it up to create a beautifully personalised store.

Learn more about Picfair’s Dark Theme.

Pre-built Picfair Themes with a set design

Below, you’ll see our pre-built, pre-designed themes, which we’ve put together based on the team’s years of photographic expertise and what we know will make your images look fabulous. These pre-made themes are ideal for those photographers who want a beautiful store layout set and ready to go, where you don’t have to worry about tricky colour combinations or choosing the perfect font or layout.

However, it’s worth remembering that with these store themes, you still have the option to add your own customisations to them too. Choose how your images are displayed (full screen, squares, rows), how much spacing you want to put between each photo and other customisations such as adding your own welcome page and watermark. We encourage you to experiment with the different themes and see which one you like the best; it’s all part of the creative process.

3 The Retro Theme:

Click through to see previews and explore the Retro Theme

Based on the timeless charm of 35mm film, our Retro Theme employs a warm palette of red-on-yellow hues, transporting you to the era of film canisters, disposable cameras, and tangible photo prints, where the rounded corner display and a drop shadow for each image additionally hints to that nostalgic touch.

Whether you're showcasing authentic film scans, 35mm-styled photos, or anything with subdued tones and a hint of retro allure, this theme is the perfect choice.

Click through to see previews and explore Picfair's Retro Theme!

4 The Natural Theme:

Click through to see previews and explore the Natural Theme

Refreshing green tones blend seamlessly with a pristine white background with our Natural Theme, providing the perfect match for awe-inspiring landscape, coastal, and nature photography. The layout also lends itself beautifully to natural-looking portraits or even event photography, a favoured choice among photographers with Picfair Stores.

Click through to see previews and explore the Natural Theme!

5 The Minimal Theme:

Click through to explore the Minimal Theme

Crisp and pristine, the Minimal Theme adopts a contemporary blue-on-grey colour scheme that compliments a wide range of photographic styles. This theme is ideal for a crisp layout where your images take centre stage. This theme also seamlessly adapts to various photographic genres and subjects, making it the perfect fit for photographers who capture images across a diverse range of subjects or, for example, focus primarily on holiday and travel photography (something that naturally covers a range of different image subjects).

Click through to see previews and explore the Minimal Theme!

6 The Mono Theme:

Click through to explore the Mono Theme

Showcasing subdued greys, a minimalist font, and a prominent full-frame image display, our Mono Theme provides an ideal space for classic black-and-white reportage, street, and architecture photography. However, it’s also worth experimenting with various images beyond these genres, as this theme is adaptable to multiple subjects.

Click through to see previews and explore the Mono Theme!

7 The Bold Theme:

Click through to explore the Bold Theme

The Bold Theme offers a lively burst of colour, making it the ideal home for equally striking photos. It's a must-have for photography that showcases high-contrast and vivid colours, such as street scenes, images with deep blue skies, colourful travel photography, and abstract work. Experiment, and see how your pictures come to life in this dynamic setting! The theme also features a stylised rounded corner display, complementing the font across the store theme.

Click through to see previews and explore the Bold Theme!

8 The Pastel Theme:

Click through to explore the Pastel Theme

The Pastel Theme is gentle and understated, featuring a colour palette dominated by soft pinks and reds. The theme particularly complements sunrise and sunset photography (highly popular with many Picfair photographers), macro shots, fine art photography, portraits, and painterly natural scenes.

Click through to learn more and explore the Pastel Theme!

9 The Earthy Theme:

Click through to explore the Earthy Theme

Our Earthy Theme features inviting natural tones that seamlessly complement interior, landscape, commercial and lifestyle images, infusing your visuals with a charming, pastoral aesthetic. Give your pictures a test run in this stunning theme; you won’t be disappointed!

Click through to learn more and explore the Earthy Theme!

10 The Future Theme:

Click through to explore the Future Theme

Our most out-there theme yet!

Highlighted by vibrant, neon-inspired borders around each image and an eye-catching futuristic font (with a touch of retro-futurism). This theme is perfect for urban landscapes and nighttime street photography, especially those with neon lights and a Blade Runner-esque aesthetic

However, it's also a highly experimental theme, which invites you to explore its potential with various image types—no telling where your creativity might lead!

Editor’s tip: With its hints towards retro-futurism, you could try the Future Theme with filmic images, such as 35mm scans or images styled with vintage features.

Click through to learn more and explore the Future Theme!

Setting up a Picfair Theme for your store

Learn how to set up a Picfair Theme for your store with our dedicated guide

Once you've taken a look at all the themes available, it's time to choose one for your Picfair Store, and we have a dedicated guide to show you exactly how...

Go to: How to set up your Picfair Theme.

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