10 Spectacular Stores using Picfair’s New Themes (May 2024)

First published:
May 29, 2024
May 30, 2024

10 Spectacular Stores using Picfair’s New Themes (May 2024)

First published:
May 29, 2024
May 30, 2024

Since the launch of Picfair Themes earlier this month we've loved seeing what photographers have been choosing for their Stores, here are 10 stunning examples so far...

It’s been a month since we launched Picfair Themes, an entirely new way of displaying your photos in your Picfair Store with a design-led, pre-made layout that makes your photos look spectacular in their online setting.

The response has been phenomenal, so we thought it would be a great time to see what photographers have been up to with the new Picfair Themes...

Visual of Pic and Album pages on Picfair Stores using Picfair Themes

10 spectacular Stores using Picfair Themes

Below are ten highlights we’ve picked from the many thousands of photographers using the new Themes (so far), one for each Theme. We’ve been amazed everyone's Picfair Stores look fantastic!

Remember, with a Picfair Plus account, you can choose any Theme from the range and make your store publicly available for people to view and purchase your work in a beautiful setting.

We’ll be picking out many more stunning Stores with Themes in regular future roundups, too (it was tricky just selecting these 10 and we can't wait to share more), enjoy!

1 The Retro Theme - visualsbymax

Max has used a splash page with the retro-inspired font to welcome visitors to his Picfair Store

Visualsbymax's Picfair Store features his images taken across London. The aesthetics evident in his work fit perfectly with the Retro Theme, with rounded corners and a yellow background accentuating the colour palette and grain effect in his images.

We love it all and think it looks stunning! Take a look for yourself; visit Max’s Picfair Store.

Learn more about the Retro Theme.

2 The Light Theme - Marco Italiani

Marco Italiani
Marco Italiani

Marco is a photographer based in Northern Italy who says, "Photography has fascinated me since I was a teenager, when I always kept an old analogue camera in my hands during family holidays."

Marco's eclectic range of images fits beautifully with the Light Theme. He has also made great use of additional Picfair features, such as the custom menu and watermark, which blend in perfectly. See for yourself and explore Marco's Store.

Learn more about the Light Theme.

3 The Dark Theme - The Frame Finder

The Frame Finder
Visit The Frame Finder Picfair Store and have a browse!

Photographer Rahul Chandani describes himself as "a nerd traveling across the world collecting moments." And collect moments he certainly has! The albums and images in his Picfair Store look stunning set against the Dark Theme.

Learn more about the Dark Theme.

4 The Minimal Theme - Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin
Browse Lloyd's Picfair Store

Lloyd is a long-time Picfair photographer who presents a sublime series of seascape images in his Picfair Store

We believe the Minimal Theme fits the style and subject matter of Lloyd's work beautifully. Dramatic images work well with little fuss around them, which is exactly what the Minimal Theme is ideal for. The subtle hints of blue in the text also accentuate the coastal photography throughout.

Learn more about the Minimal Theme.

5 The Natural Theme - Mapolonio


Mapoliono is an Italian-Brazilian photographer based in Australia, whose travel photography from over 40 countries presents a spectacular view of the world. Her work looks fantastic with the fresh, subtle look of the Natural Theme she’s chosen for her Picfair Store. Take a look for yourself, by exploring Mapoliono's Store.

Learn more about the Natural Theme.

6 The Earthy Theme - Clouded Horizon Photography

Clouded Horizon Photography
Clouded Horizon Photography

Clouded Horizon Photography is "a four-time published photographer, professional detailer, and owner of too many cameras"! We think the colour palette and visual aesthetics of their work fit beautifully within the Earthy Theme. They’ve also chosen a customised logo for their Picfair Store that complements the overall style perfectly.

One of the standout features of the Earthy Theme is the use of drop shadows for each image, which works beautifully with their photography style. Explore the Clouded Horizon Photography Picfair Store to see for yourself!

Learn more about the Earthy Theme.

7 The Future Theme - Melissa Rep

Melissa Rep
Check out Melissa's Picfair Store to explore more of her work and see the Future Theme in action!

With its bold colours, fonts, and borders around each image, the Future Theme is definitely the most striking of all our current Themes! Melissa's range of images, featuring sharp colours, dark backgrounds, and strong contrasts across various subjects, works spectacularly with the Future Theme.

Learn more about the Future Theme.

8 The Mono ThemeDaria Ryazhskikh

Daria Ryazhskikh
Daria Ryazhskikh

While our Future Theme may be our most daring, the Mono Theme is perhaps the most subtle! Photographer Daria Ryazhskikh uses the Mono Theme beautifully for her Picfair Store.

We love her selection of albums and images, especially the analogue photography. The wanderlust-inducing desert scenes contrast perfectly with the clean white backdrop. Check it out and see for yourself!

Learn more about the Mono Theme.

9 The Bold Theme - Art Bimpson

Art Bimpson
Art Bimpson

The Bold Theme is perfect for playful commentary and eclectic images, which is why we love Art Bimpson's 'Official Jumble Sale' Picfair Store. To see what we mean, check it out!

Learn more about the Bold Theme.

10 The Pastel Theme - clairy mayfair

clairy mayfair
clairy mayfair

When we designed the Pastel Theme, we specifically had certain image subjects in mind, including macro and botanical photography. That's why we absolutely love this floral-themed Picfair Store by Australian photographer Clairy Mayfair. Take a look and see for yourself!

Learn more about the Pastel Theme.

Final thoughts, and what's next?

We hope you've enjoyed this roundup and makes you feel inspired to give these a try for your Picfair Store too (if you haven't signed up for a Picfair Store yet, then sign up here)! With a Picfair Plus account, you can choose any Picfair Theme available and make your Store publicly available for people to view and purchase your work.

This first release of Picfair Themes is just the very start, too. We’ll regularly add more Theme sets in due course, and we’re already drawing up concepts for the next release… Stay tuned!

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