How I got that shot - Blue Hour at the Lighthouse

How I got that shot - Blue Hour at the Lighthouse

Focus Editor Philip shares his technique and process on how he captured a Blue Hour lighthouse seascape

The shot below is one of my personal favourites from 2021. I arrived just as the Blue Hour was setting in and the conditions for a long exposure shot were ideal - the weather was calm and there was a light cloud coverage which added some beautiful pink hues to the sky.

Generally, when I arrive at a location, I like to take some time to explore and find the best places to set up a shot. On this occasion, I knew I wanted the lighthouse to be the focal point of my shot. I walked along the causeway and found a slab which was taller than the others which looked idea as a spot to set up. Here, I climbed up and placed my camera, mounted on a tripod looking towards the lighthouse. Being slightly above the rest of the causeway meant I could fit more in the frame, and also created a fantastic vantage point to guide the viewer toward the main subject of the scene.

Blue Hour at the Lighthouse by Philip Mowbray

Below you'll see the settings and processes I used to get the final shot, which I hope will inspire you with your own photography too:

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Stay tuned for more 'How I got that shot' features, where we break down techniques on how you too, can get stunning results!

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