Editor's Pick: Top landscape photography articles of 2021 on Focus

First published:
November 22, 2021
July 28, 2023

Editor's Pick: Top landscape photography articles of 2021 on Focus

First published:
November 22, 2021
July 28, 2023

Cover image by Philip Mowbray

The Editor of Focus shares his top picks from this year's landscape photography themed articles

Being the editor of Focus, I love all areas of photography. However saying that, like every other photographer out there, I have some particularly genres that are my favourite – one of those is landscape photography.

By nature, I'm a huge fan of the great outdoors and cannot think of anything better than getting out into the open, camera in hand to capture nature at its best. But with that, landscape photography poses many challenges; not only do you have to be a master of composition, but the light needs to be on your side too (even if that means the weather isn't) – to get those truly epic shots.

Given that, landscape photography is often scattered with failures, any landscape photographer will tell you the amount of times they've ventured to a location, only to get no satisfactory shots. But when all the conditions come together at that right moment, the feeling is sublime.

Landscape photography is also one of the most popular genres among Picfair photographers and many Focus articles commissioned over the past year have been based around on the genre, with guides ranging from beginner-level pieces, to more advanced tutorials. Here are 10 of my favourites, and I hope you enjoy reading and learning from them as much as I did.

- Philip (Focus Editor)

1 How to photograph beautiful autumn landscapes

10 top tips to help you get the most out of the most eye-catching season on the landscape photography calendar. See the full guide here.

2 How to create the Orton Effect in your landscape images with Photoshop

Learn how to replicate the Orton Effect for dreamlike landscape shots in Adobe Photoshop. Full tutorial here.

3 How to use foreground interest effectively

Give your landscape shots a sense of visual balance using this versatile compositional device with our dedicated guide.

4 Top tips and techniques for photographing clouds

Learn bow to add a dynamic look to your outdoor photos by incorporating clouds in your frame. Full article here.

5 Introduction to landscape photography: the dos & don'ts

Photographer Christian Høiberg shares his most important dos and don'ts of landscape photography that, ultimately, will help you create images that you're proud to share. Read on.

6 How lens filters can improve your photography

An introduction to the most essential lens filters for your kit bag - that will make a huge difference to your images. See the full guide here.

7 How to correctly level the horizon in your photos

Nothing ruins a good photo quite like a wonky horizon - here’s how to thwart unwanted tilt.

8 10 tip tips for stunning coastal photography

Capture beautiful seascapes with these simple camera skills and compositional tricks here.

9 How to work a location to get the most out of your landscape shoots

Capture more landscape images in a single location by experimenting with the different ways of approaching the scene. Read on here.

10 How to photograph waterfalls

From plunges and cascades to trickles and torrents, here are some of our top tips to help you creatively capture their majesty and their motion…

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