3 editing techniques to give your digital images an authentic film look

3 editing techniques to give your digital images an authentic film look

First published:
March 29, 2022
February 14, 2024

Cover image by Merna

3 editing techniques using Lightroom, Photoshop or Affinity Photo that show you how to get an authentic analogue look for your images

1 The bleach bypass effect (Lightroom)

A sought-after look from the days of darkroom printing; a bleach bypass effect was created by skipping the bleaching process when developing colour film, resulting in an image with beautifully undersaturated tones and increased contrast.

It's very easy to recreate the bleach bypass effect for your photos in less than two minutes in Adobe Lightroom. See how with this video tutorial from James Abbott below.

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2 Light leaks (Photoshop)

Professional photographer James Abbott guides us through replicating the classic film photography light leaks by using simple tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Light leaks would happen when film rolls would be exposed accidentally to light. Usually when the back of the camera was opened with a film roll still in place, or if the camera body itself wasn't protected enough from external light.

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3 The complete retro film look (Affinity Photo)

Give your images the complete retro film look with the simple-yet-powerful tools in Affinity Photo with our easy-to-follow video tutorial from James Paterson.

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