10 stunning examples of long exposure photography

10 stunning examples of long exposure photography

Push your shots to the next level with the long exposure technique and take inspiration from these beautiful examples...

Much loved by photographers both amateurs and professionals alike, once you get started with the long exposure technique and see how it can transform your shots to ethereal, dreamlike scenes, I guarantee you'll soon be hooked.

If you're just getting started with the technique it's useful to know what settings to typically dial in and the equipment you need (such as a tripod). Look no further than our beginner's guide to long exposure photography where all this information can be found. And once you've got to grips with the basics, it's time to get out there and start shooting.

These 10 examples below serve to demonstrate the type of beautiful and diverse shots you can create, as well as some ideas for the best places to create long exposures.

Sunrise at one of Sydney's iconic ocean pools. Photo by Christopher Wright
Beech Street Tunnel Long Exposure. Photo by Paul Yard - f/6.3 | 1.6s | ISO 100
Long exposure over the Blackpool Pier, England. Photo by Aleks - f/22 | 63s
A long exposure photo of a car with dancing lights around it. Photo by Luuk Albers - f/5.6 | 5s | ISO 800
Light trails at Cap de Formentor. Photo by David Campling - f/3.2 | 30s | ISO 100
Ethereal mood captured at Rye Harbour. Photo by Lloyd Austin - f/11 | 282s | ISO 100
A relaxing sunset over South Stack, Wales. Photo by Aleks - 151s | ISO 400
A long exposure of a fisherman at The Feather River in Northern California casting a fly fishing pole with an LED light attached to the end of the line. Photo by Ben North - f/5.6 | 69s | ISO 400
Long exposure picture of a cypress trees on a hill with a cross during a sunrise in Tuscany field. Val D'Orcia, Italy. Photo by Michal Jesenský - f/9 | 117s | ISO 200
Long exposure shot of a shipwreck by drone. Photo by eMunther - f/2.2 | 2s | ISO 100
Thunder storm was putting on a show between Hartley, Texas and Dalhart Texas. Photo by John Woosley - f/8 | 10s | ISO 800
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