VIDEO: 5 top tips for creating images for wall art

VIDEO: 5 top tips for creating images for wall art

Follow these 5 top tips in our video to create beautiful shots perfect for wall art

If you're looking to start selling your photos, or you've already got a photography business going but would like to expand your photographic offering. Then selling prints as wall art (pictures that customers hang on their walls) could be a lucrative opportunity, or a new revenue stream, to make some money from your photography.

However, only some images will be entirely suitable for wall art - particular aesthetics and specific themes tend to work well (personal taste aside), so it's worth following these tips to see the type of photography most suitable. While there are specific genres of photography that are a better fit for wall art, like landscape, black and white, and fine art, still life - you easily apply these tips to any genre or subject. Get creative and see what you come up with!

In this video, our tips cover the following topics:

- Why you should choose photographic themes carefully

- Why it’s essential to focus on colour, shape and form in your image compositions

- The best times of the day (or night) that you can shoot

- Why you should do your research and be aware of trends

- What technical aspects are essential for your images

Once you've got the hang of the themes and ideas that work for wall art photography, you can go back through your portfolio (which is a fun task in itself). Or go out and shoot new imagery with wall art in mind.

Top tip:

Create a special album or page for your wall art images, so you can direct your customers to browse your collection or make a purchase in a specific place - this can help increase sales.

Further reading:

If you're particularly interested in creating images for wall art and printed products based on landscape and outdoor photography, take a look at our dedicated guide on creating outdoor photos perfect for wall art - compiled by landscape photographer and Lightroom and Photoshop expert, James Abbott.
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