VIDEO: 5 common mistakes you should avoid when selling your photos

VIDEO: 5 common mistakes you should avoid when selling your photos

First published:
March 13, 2023
January 31, 2024

5 of the most common mistakes every photographer can make when they start selling their images. Our video guide explains what you should avoid

Getting started with selling your photography is a rewarding and exciting venture, and one that's becoming more and more popular. The good thig about this is you'll find many resources (see our other videos on selling photography) that will help you sell your images by showing you what you should be doing. And what the best practices are when starting your own photography business, or selling your photos for casual income or as a side-hustle.

However, there are also several things that you shouldn’t do, or at least avoid as much as you can, to give your photos and your photography business, in general, the best chance of commercial success. Some mistakes are synonymous with any way you sell your images, regardless of whether you're taking the leap and becoming a full-time photography professional, selling photos to supplement your regular income, or simply getting a little bit of extra pocket money.

This video outlines and explains 5 of the most common mistakes in detail. Some may be more obvious than others, but there may be also one or two that you might not have considered before.

5 common photography mistakes:

- Pricing yourself out of a sale
- Being too precious with your images
- Why you need not to take things personally
- Why you shouldn't add personal watermarks or signatures
- How to not let lousy image quality get in the way of a sale

By taking the time to watch this video, we hope that the mistakes highlighted, and how to avoid them, will help you some of the most common missteps for photographers, especially those photographers just getting started.

More advice on selling your photos:

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