TikTok ideas for photographers

Galaxy and Aurora by Winkie Chau

A list of content ideas to get you started on TikTok.

TikTok video inspiration

Within the photography side of TikTok, there’s a range of trends to show your work - from film photography, showing your photography gear and behind the shot, to funny videos on things only photographers can relate to. These can be great sources of inspiration for video ideas and sharing your photography in a captivating way. Trying out different types of posts for your photography work will also diversify your content which, in turn, makes your account much more interesting to visitors.

Below are some suggestions for TikTok content ideal for photographers and a photography audience:

1. How you got the shot - You can film behind the scenes content related to your camera set up, settings and photo location when you’re out shooting, this is then followed on by the final image. Alternatively, you can start by showing the final photograph and then follow on with the explanation or step-by-step on how you got that shot.

Share your photography process. Man with mobile phone at sunrise by Jaromir Chalabala - f/3.2 | ISO 400 | 1/60s 

2. Before/After - Show how a photo looked before and after you’ve edited it - this is a great way to show off your editing skills, your unique style and any presets you use.

An example of how to show your editing process.

3. Editing tips - TikTok has become a huge knowledge hub, so users are increasingly viewing videos on the app to learn. Offering tips and advice on editing photos is definitely a form of engaging content that photographers can post, and will in turn, encourage viewers to comment, share and save.

Share your editing and photography knowledge. Photo editing on iPad by Tom Eversley - f/2.8 | ISO 1250 | 1/60s 

4. Photo montages - These are ideal for videos especially for those just starting with video. Essentially, it consists of putting several still images together and having a title at the beginning. With the right sound, this can do exceptionally well in catching people’s attention and gaining exposure for your work. This is also ideal for those who may not be comfortable showing their face on camera. And on that note, it is also completely possible to create videos without being in front of the camera!

A photo montage video using the photo slideshow feature on TikTok

5. Using TikTok sounds - There are always sounds that trend on TikTok (both songs and voice overs). These are great to take advantage of to make a relatable video to you and your target audience. For example, using a sound to emphasise something only photographers can relate to. A popular photographer-based sound is: ‘Hi I’m a photographer and I took this photo’, where photographers introduce themselves at the beginning of the video, and then proceed to show a photo that they took and are proud of. These kinds of sounds are always emerging, so keep an eye out for them and see if you can participate or put your own spin on a trend!

Videos under a popular photography related TikTok sound
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