The ultimate guide to using a logo on your Picfair Store

First published:
June 6, 2023
February 8, 2024

The ultimate guide to using a logo on your Picfair Store

First published:
June 6, 2023
February 8, 2024

Learn how to create (and add) a beautiful logo to your Picfair Store and see the benefits it can bring to your photography business

A selection of photographer logos in the header section of Picfair Store layouts

For photographers, setting yourself apart from the crowd is essential for getting the attention of potential customers. But how can you ensure that your work stands out amidst the sea of talented photographers out there?

One practical approach is to add a logo that represents you and your brand to your photography website and/or store–which you can do as part of the Picfair Stores feature package.

In this guide, we'll show you how you can add a personalised logo to your Picfair Store. And also explore why having a logo is a brilliant idea and how it can help elevate your photography brand with our top tips.

So, let's get started...

How do logos work on Picfair Stores?

As part of the Picfair Stores feature package, photographers can upload a logo to display on the store header–meaning it will appear prominently across every page.

You can also use the same logo as a custom watermark (see our guide on custom watermarks), or as part of your welcome splash page, which a lot of photographers choose to do in order to keep their branding consistent across their store.

Award-winning photographer Roman Robroek uses a beautiful logo in his Picfair Store that fits very well with the theme and layout throughout

It’s easy!

First of all, from your Picfair Dashboard, navigate to “STORE SETTINGS” > “THEME & LAYOUT.

Under the Branding section of the menu, click the toggle on the right to green, and under the header, select “Use Logo”. You can then upload your file logo from your browser by selecting "Upload".

Here's an example of a logo image file:

Logo in PNG file format

Once uploaded you'll see it displayed as the "Current File" in the Header and Navigation section. You can change the file at any time by selecting "Upload a different image".

For best results, the logo should be in a PNG file format and not exceed 800px wide OR 120px tall. The file size should also be less than 1MB to ensure fast loading. If you need to further compress your PNG file, TinyPNG is a fantastic online tool to do so.

Just remember to click on “Save Changes” when you’re done!

You'll then have your prominently displayed across your store!

We recommend trying out different sizes, ratios and dimensions for your logo to make sure you’re pleased with how it looks in relation to how your images are displayed. Here's an example of a logo in situ on a Picfair Store:

Once you've uploaded your logo on the Header and Navigation section of your Picfair Dashboard, your logo will be displayed across your Picfair Store

Six reasons why you should create a logo for your Picfair Store

1 Create a distinct brand identity

Your logo should be the visual representation of your photography brand.

By designing a logo that embodies your style, personality, and the essence of your work, you can instantly communicate your brand's values and aesthetics to visitors and potential customers.

Think of your logo as the symbol that people will associate with your photography skills, or the genre you specialise in. So, when visitors see your logo on your Picfair Store, it becomes a powerful way to establish your unique brand identity.

Like the examples below, a landscape photographer might want to bring in the essence of the natural environment to their logo, or a photographer specialising in film might bring the physical element of a film roll into their logo:

2 Leave a lasting impression

Humans are highly visual creatures, and we tend to remember images more quickly than words. So, a well-crafted logo is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your Picfair Store visitors.

Simply put, your logo should become the visual cue that reinforces your brand in their minds. Over time, this association can increase brand recognition and make you more memorable in a competitive photography market. When clients remember your logo, they are more likely to revisit your store and recommend your services to others.

Photographer Huub Waaldijk makes a bold statement with the a logo comprised of his initials in a large typeface

3 Reflect professionalism

Adding a logo to your Picfair Store gives a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. It shows you have invested time and effort into developing a cohesive brand identity.

Clients often seek photographers who demonstrate professionalism and commitment to their craft, and a logo can help you achieve just that. It signals that you take your work seriously and are dedicated to providing exceptional services. Potential clients instantly perceive you as a reliable and trustworthy photographer when they see your logo.

Photographer Red Zeppelin makes a strong first impression with their professional-looking logo

4 Stand out from the crowd

The photography industry is highly competitive, and differentiation is key. A well-designed logo can help you stand out from other photographers on Picfair. It gives you a unique visual element that sets you apart and helps potential clients remember you amidst the vast array of photographers they encounter. Your logo becomes an integral part of your brand story and sets the tone for the type of photography experience clients can expect from you. By showcasing your distinct logo, you captivate viewers' attention and increase the likelihood of them exploring your portfolio further.

Photographer Carol Ann's logo uses a vibrant red colour making it instantly memorable against the dark theme of the store

5 Maximise marketing opportunities

Once you have a logo, it becomes an excellent general marketing asset that can be used across your various platforms and business channels.

For example, you can use the logo on your Picfair Store to watermark your images, print on business cards, create branded merchandise, and use it on social media channels.

Consistency is key here with your logo as it establishes a cohesive and professional brand presence that will make your marketing efforts work even harder for you. It creates visual consistency and builds recognition across all touchpoints, strengthening your photography brand's visibility and reach.

Photographer Danny Shepherd has maximised the value of his logo on his store by also using it as a custom watermark

6 Forge an emotional connection

Logos have the power to evoke emotions and create a connection with your audience. You can convey the mood, style, and values that define your photography through thoughtful design choices.

A well-crafted logo can trigger positive emotions and attract clients who resonate with your artistic vision. It becomes a visual representation of the emotional impact your photography can have on people, fostering a deeper connection and loyalty among your clientele. When clients feel emotionally connected to your brand, they are more likely to become repeat customers and advocates for your work.

Photographer Paul Prim cleverly uses a portrait of himself as his logo–giving visitors a personal connection

Resources to create your logo

Here are some popular resources where you can design a stunning logo for your photography store:

Canva: Canva offers a user-friendly online platform with a wide range of templates, fonts, and graphics to create your logo. It's an excellent option for photographers who prefer a DIY approach to logo design.

Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a professional graphic design software that offers powerful tools for logo creation. It's a robust option for photographers with design experience or those who want complete control over their logo design.

Tailor Brands: Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo design platform that generates logo options based on your preferences and style. It's a convenient choice for photographers seeking a quick and automated logo creation process.

Designhill: Designhill connects you with professional logo designers who can create a custom logo tailored to your requirements. It's a suitable option for photographers who want a unique and personalised logo design.

Logojoy: Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to generate logo designs based on your input and preferences. It's a cost-effective choice for photographers who want a professionally designed logo without hiring a designer.

Fiverr: Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can find freelance designers specialising in logo design. It's an excellent option for photographers who want to collaborate with a designer and have a custom logo created specifically for their brand.

Remember, when hiring a designer or using an AI-powered platform, you must communicate your brand identity and style preferences and provide examples or references to ensure the final logo aligns with your vision. Investing in a professional designer can create a unique and impactful logo representing your photography brand.

No matter your choice, a stunning logo will enhance your photography brand and make a lasting impression on your Picfair Store visitors.

For some inspiration on how great your store can look with a logo, below are some more beautiful examples of logos used by photographers in their Picfair Stores:

Photographer Ayo Odumade
Photographer Conor Molloy
Photographer The Sight's I've Seen
Photographer Will Gudgeon
Photogapher Anna Sowinska

Ready to get add your own logo to your store?

Now you've reached the end of this guide you should have everything you need to create a beautiful logo for your Picfair Store, and the know-how to upload it.

Go straight to your Picfair Dashboard to get your logo set up!

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