Looking to get serious with your photography? Read these 5 guides first

Looking to get serious with your photography? Read these 5 guides first

Cover image by Lloyd Austin

Ready to take that step up with your photography from an occasional snapper to something a little more dedicated? These 5 essential reads will show you how you can get started

1 How to develop a unique photographic style

Look closely at images from your own portfolio. Pull out any consistent themes and collections and you can refine any style you’ve already started to develop. Picfair Store by Juliana Nan

Many photographers who take their craft more seriously devote a lot of time and energy into developing a unique style for their images. Giving your work a cohesive look, that is easily identifiable, will almost certainly help you to stand out. Learn how with these tips.

2 How to diversify your online presence as a photographer

Sky is the limit when it comes to your website! But, to give you a starting point, gain inspiration from templates and note down the most important aspects of your photography you want to showcase. Photo by Tom Eversley

The Internet offers endless possibilities to showcase yourself as a photographer but make sure to not rely on just a single platform. If the constant ups and downs of Internet trends and their companies have shown us anything, it's that you can't rely on just one channel, see how here.

3 How to self-critique your photos

After you’ve identified some themes running through your work, set yourself some tangible goals for improvement - such as trying a new technique. Photo by Dominique Dubied

It’s not necessarily an easy task, but examining, re-examining and being (positively) critical about your own photography work will help you improve your images and ultimately help you progress in the long run, read on here.

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4 Five things your should invest in for your photography

Tripods are a worthwhile investment for pretty much any type of photography. Pictured: VEO Collection by Vanguard

Getting started in photography is incredibly exciting; the move from taking snaps to capturing images that friends and family shower with praise fills you with pride, confidence and enthusiasm. But taking your next step on the road to making an indifferent pass time a serious hobby, or even a career, can be daunting. A lot of that will be down what you need to invest in too, and that can be a minefield. This guide shows you 5 essentials.

5 How to make your photography offering stand out from the crowd

Consistency is key to building a memorable and successful photography brand. Photo by Constantin Stanciu

Just like developing a unique style for your images, if you want to become a serious photographer, should make everything about your work stand out. See how with our guide.