VIDEO: How to get the fine art black and white look for your photos

VIDEO: How to get the fine art black and white look for your photos

Learn how to get a beautiful, fine art, black & white look for your photos using tools in Adobe Photoshop, as demonstrated in this editing tutorial by landscape photographer James Abbott

While you may be familiar with converting your image to black and white, whether that's in-camera or in post-production, you'll be very well aware that converting your photo to black and white isn't simply, well, black and white. There are hundreds of different looks you can give your images once you have converted them into monochrome. Depending on what type of look you go for, what you do with your conversion can significantly change the mood and character of your shot.

In this video, put together by Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop master, and landscape photographer, James Abbott, we look at how you can create a fine art look for your images. And what we mean by that is giving your photo a look synonymous with the high-end fine art black and white prints you see hanging on the gallery wall. Generally, this means a rich range of tones across the images and beautiful contrast and features across the scene.

As demonstrated in this video tutorial, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to get this gorgeous look for your images. Follow along and see how James does it, and then try it yourself! You may well find that you find a beautiful new look for your images that you want to apply across many different shots and series.

It could also help you bag more sales of your images - many customers, particularly those looking for printed products and wall art, absolutely love black-and-white photography. You can offer two versions of your images in your store, one colour version and one black-and-white version - technically doubling your chances of getting a sale of your photos!

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