How to get more out of your photography - 6 essential reads

How to get more out of your photography - 6 essential reads

Photo by Rod Hill

Looking to delve more into your photography than casual snapping? These 6 guides will show you how you can get so much more from your craft

1 Ten ways to motivate yourself in photography

There are times when we all feel lacking in motivation and inspiration - when the desire to create new photographic work feels like too much effort. However, there are ways you can get out of this rut... Try these tips to get you creating exciting new work for your portfolio.

Having a friend to push you along is great motivation when you're in a rut with your photography. See more tips on how to feel inspired with photography. Photo by imagerisium

2 How to develop a unique photographic style

Finding your own unique photographic voice is by no means an easy task - but it can be incredibly rewarding in a number of ways. Particularly, giving your work a cohesive look, that is easily identifiable, will almost certainly help you to stand out in an ever-crowded marketplace.

An attention to strong light and shadow, as well as a uniform colour palette of soft, warm tones gives Benjamin's images a unique look that is consistent throughout his images and makes them instantly recognisable. Learn more about how to develop a personal style with your photography.

3 How to self-critique your photos

It’s not necessarily an easy task, but examining, re-examining and being (positively) critical about your own photography work can help you to improve it in a number of ways. Learn how to get into this mindset with our dedicated guide.

Using a specific notebook where you jot down all of your critical reflections on your photography helps to keep all of your thoughts and ideas in one place - which is incredibly helpful for referring back and a good practice for critiquing your photos. Photo by Irantzu Arbaizagoitia

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4 How to create a photo essay

A photographic essay is a deeper and more meaningful way to use your photography than a single image tends to be. See our top tips on how to get started with thinking of your photos as part of a longer series.

This photo essay by Maximilian M. Meduna takes an alternative approach to a popular photo topic - the United States, and it works with the attention to selective editing and storytelling. See all of our tips on how to create a photo series or essay.

5 Why you should enter photography competitions

Entering photography competitions is a fun way to challenge yourself. And with probably hundreds of different competitions out there, ranging from small and niche challenges all the way up to huge, global contests there’s bound to be something that suits your photographic style.

Entering photography competitions is a great motivator when you're looking to push yourself or get something more rewarding from your images. Photo by Pawle

6 The best places to submit your photography for publication

Getting your photography in front of the eyes of the public is often a bigger challenge than getting a good shot in the first place, but it is incredibly rewarding. And it can actually be more straightforward than you think however, so long as you’re armed with a little basic knowledge - that’s where we come in.

Publishing your photography work can be a fulfilling experience, and there are many places to start. Getting your picture into a local exhibition boosts your credibility as well as introducing you to new audiences. Photo by Devin Lee Ainslie