How to find the time to work on your photography (& Picfair Store)

First published:
October 5, 2023
January 30, 2024

How to find the time to work on your photography (& Picfair Store)

First published:
October 5, 2023
January 30, 2024

Photo by Pedro Pacheco

Finding the time to work on your photography (and your Picfair Store) can feel tricky when you've got a busy life. Here are our top tips for setting aside some time…

1 Prioritise your photography and set goals

First and foremost, consider the importance of photography in your life and where that fits among other things. When you prioritise it, you'll be more motivated to find the time.

It's also worthwhile having a think, holistically, about your photography and come up with achievable goals. Knowing what you want to accomplish, and when, will help you allocate time far more effectively than not having a plan.

Photo by Dương Nhân

2 Keep your camera with you wherever possible

It can be a bit of a clichéd saying, “I’m never without my camera”, but if you run a busy schedule, keeping your camera where it’s accessible to you most of the time, whether that’s in your backpack, in your car, or even just making sure you have your mobile with you and switched on, means you’ll be able to take photos whenever the moment strikes–which can help a lot with building up an initial collection of images.

Photo by Expired Film Club

3 Start with setting yourself simply an hour a week

It doesn’t sound much, but you really can accomplish a lot in an hour. Giving yourself just an hour a week for your photography, whether taking pictures, editing them, or uploading them to your Picfair Store, can work wonders for getting what you want out of your craft.

It doesn’t need to be the same time every week either, just whenever there may be a bit of a gap in your schedule. During this time, turn your phone off (or if you’re taking images with your mobile phone, set it to airline mode) so you won’t be disturbed, and you can get into a good headspace for your photography.

Photo by Pedro Pacheco

4 Get comfortable and pour yourself a drink

Working on your photography and Picfair Store shouldn’t feel like a chore or a task that’s daunting. It should be something that you enjoy, and as such, you should treat it as a part of your recreational time.

So get comfortable wherever you are, pour yourself a nice drink if you’re sitting at your desk, or on your sofa, whatever helps you feel relaxed, and enjoy working on your images and publishing them to your Picfair Store.

Photo by Czapp Árpád

5 Make it a fun weekend task

Set aside some time during your weekends for more extensive work on your Picfair Store and photography, and make it something fun you can look forward to during the week. For example, you could plan a weekend trip out to take pictures at a specific location, or any kind of shoot you have in mind, then spend time afterwards working on the images from your shoot, as mentioned above too, make sure it’s comfortable and relaxing whatever you’re doing.

Photo by David Bartus

6 Use your downtime effectively for your photography

Use pockets of your free time during your day to work on your Picfair Store and photography. For example, your commute to work or lunch break could be a great time to do things such as scheduling social posts of your images, adding tags and titles to your shots in your Picfair Store, or going out and taking new pictures.

Photo by Jeffrey Czum

7 Be realistic about what is achievable with your schedule 

Even if you know you don’t have much time to work on your photography and Picfair Store during your week, if you’re realistic about this (i.e. don’t set yourself unrealistic or unachievable goals), you’ll find that getting things done is a lot more manageable as it won't feel –which can be a significant blocker for setting time aside. Being realistic will mean you can do things with your photography in smaller pieces.

8 Continue to learn about photography around your day-to-day routine

There are many ways you can continue to learn about photography while doing other things. For example, if you’re out on a run or at the gym, why not listen to a podcast about photography or an audiobook on social media and marketing? This way, you’re fitting photography and learning about how to promote it into your usual routines so that it doesn’t take up more of your time.


9 Be organised from the start

Keep your images, descriptions, and other photo assets well-organised, both digital and physical assets. This can save you time when you do have a moment to work on your Picfair Store, or whatever you’re doing with your photography. For more tips on how to keep organised, read our dedicated guide.

10 Use automation tools

There are many platforms out there, such as Hootsuite and Later where you can schedule in advance posts of your photography for your social media channels, which can be a huge timesaver in particular when you’re trying to get your work out there, we even use them here at Picfair! Again, all you might need to spend is an hour and you could have your posts scheduled for the next weeks ahead!

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