VIDEO: How to create the tilt-shift toy town look for your photos

VIDEO: How to create the tilt-shift toy town look for your photos

Image editing expert James Abbott demonstrates how you can get the tilt-shift "toy town" look for any of your photos easily using editing tools in Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever seen an image that looks like a miniature toy town? This effect is synonymous with photographers, and image editing enthusiasts called the tilt-shift effect. You can replicate this look using either in camera with a unique lens or, more popularly, with photo editing software.

Getting the shot in-camera is probably the quickest way to achieve that look; a special tilt-shift lens will allow you to tilt the lens to change the plane of focus, creating a narrow band of sharp focus. Which Makes the objects in your photo appear miniature and toy-like. However, these lenses can be extremely expensive. If you're just looking to experiment and test the look, it's probably not worth the initial investment, as you can replicate the same look in post-production. However, if you do like the look a lot and want to create a much larger body of work using the tilt-shift effect, then it could potentially be a worthwhile investment

In the video tutorial below, Adobe Photoshop expert, James Abbott, shows us exactly how it's done in simple steps.

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