Editor's Pick: Top video tutorials of 2021

Editor's Pick: Top video tutorials of 2021

First published:
December 10, 2021
July 28, 2023

Cover image by James Paterson

A roundup of some of the top video tutorials brought to Focus in 2021

1 How to use Photoshop's Super Resolution feature

2 How to create a stylized look for your photos in seconds using the Tone Curve in Lightroom

3 How to add a fake sunburst to your image with Adobe Photoshop

4 The best way to boost color in your photos using Lightroom

5 How to master keywording (tagging) and metadata using Adobe Lightroom

6 How to clean up your images using Adobe Lightroom

7 How to create a bleach bypass effect using Adobe Lightroom

8 How to enhance existing sunrise and sunset colours in Photoshop

9 How to sharpen your photos the right way in Lightroom

10 How to merge photos to HDRs in Adobe Lightroom

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