Boosting views of your photos: 7 tried-and-tested tips

First published:
August 10, 2023
March 7, 2024

Boosting views of your photos: 7 tried-and-tested tips

First published:
August 10, 2023
March 7, 2024

Photo by Brady Knoll

Looking for ways to get more eyes on your images (and in-turn, potentially more sales)? Here are some proven methods to help you get results

Whether you're a beginner looking to grow your audience or an experienced photographer aiming to expand your online presence, getting people to view your work is essential to prolong commercial success and development.

This article provides tips and practical strategies, all proven to work, that will help you attract viewers to your images, and thus potentially increase sales of your images over time.

So let’s dive in...

1 Create a well-curated online home for your work (your Picfair Store)

Your website or Picfair Store serves as your online art gallery and the home of your photography. It should be well-curated and organised and feature a diverse and well-thought-out range of images, with excellent titles and captions, this alone can significantly boost views of your images (see why in our titles and captions guide).

Also, the way your Picfair Store is organised should also allow visitors to explore the various aspects of your photography while clear titles and descriptions provide context and enhance viewer engagement. This combination of visual variety and informative content encourages a deeper exploration of your work and make browsing your website or Picfair Store a pleasure, which will lead to increased views and a growing audience.

A selection of images as displayed in Picfair Stores

2 Harness the power of social media

When it comes to how people view your images, social media holds significant sway.

Leveraging the power of social media can be a game-changer in boosting the visibility of your images. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest offer a direct conduit to a vast and diverse audience. By strategically sharing your photography on these platforms, you can tap into the potential of viral sharing and engagement. Through regular posting, showcasing your unique style, and utilising relevant hashtags, you can get viewers' attention, drive traffic to your Picfair Store, and ultimately amplify the views of your images.

We’ve got heaps of advice on utilising social media for your photography. Discover our selection of guides.

Photo by Magnus Mueller

3 Engage with online photography communities

Active participation within photography communities helps you find new connections with fellow photographers and also enables you to spread the word about your work with an engaged audience.

There are vast amounts of photography communities on Facebook (you may even find a camera club local to you that you can link up with), and you can also sign up to platforms like Flickr and Behance to showcase your work and get feedback from peers. You could also participate in challenges, contests, and discussions to foster connections and learn from the experiences of others. If you forge relationships with like-minded photographers, you can mutually promote each other's work, which will also help expand your audience.

4 Craft compelling blog posts

Blogging provides a platform to share your photography journey and insights while driving traffic to your images. Starting a blog where you share the stories behind your pictures, offer behind-the-scenes content on how you captured your shots, and top tips and advice for others can drive traffic to your pictures. Include them in your posts and link to them, for example, by linking to the photos as they appear in your website or Picfair Store.

Recommended blogging platforms:

WordPress is a versatile and popular platform offering various themes, plugins, and customisation options.

Blogger: A straightforward platform by Google that's great for beginners looking to start a photography blog.

Medium: A platform focused on storytelling, suitable for photographers who want to share in-depth narratives and experiences.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

5 Invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO for the images in your website or Picfair Store can boost their discoverability, thus increasing views of your images.

Research relevant keywords that best fit your photos and incorporate them into the titles and captions. You can also optimise the filenames of your images to increase their visibility on search engines. Regularly update your website with new content to stay relevant and elevate your search engine ranking. For further reading, see our dedicated guide on SEO for photographers.

Photo by Sarah Blocksidge

6 Collaborate with other photographers, influencers, and bloggers

Partnering with fellow creatives, photographers, influencers, and bloggers in your field offers a gateway to a broader audience. Identify those who align with your aesthetic or cater to your intended audience. Then, pursue potential collaborations, such as featuring your work in their posts or participating in interviews. These types of cooperation can yield heightened exposure, attracting fresh followers and viewers to your work.

Photo by Lucas Allmann

7 Genuinely engage with your audience

Connecting with your audience will help you garner a devoted and interactive following. Respond promptly to all comments and messages as a gesture of gratitude for your viewers' interactions and encourage them to express their thoughts and feedback on your work too, which will, over time, cultivate a community around your photography.

You could even host interactive sessions like Q&A or live streams to engage with your audience, directly providing real-time insights. The more you engage with your audience, the stronger it will grow, and you’ll soon find members of your audience will put in the leg work for you regarding word-of-mouth recommendations too.

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem

Final thoughts

Boosting views of your images online is an exciting journey that combines creative content, strategic promotion, and genuine engagement.

By embracing these straightforward yet effective tips as set out in this guide, beginners can establish a strong foundation for their online photography presence, gain exposure, and potentially increase sales of their work. Remember, consistent dedication, authenticity, and passion are essential for long-term success, so make sure you give it your all!

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