A showcase of our favourite shots from Picfair Stores uploaded in the month of July

It is our pleasure to bring you 25 of our favourite shots, hand picked by the team here at Focus and Picfair, from images that have been uploaded by photographers to their Picfair Stores throughout the month of July.

All images have been selected for their originality, artistic merit and technical expertise - and we hope you find these just as inspirational as we do!

Piano found on the floor of an abandoned black and dark garage. Probably due to a fire. Photo by Roman Robroek
"Across the Universe" Milkyway shot from Upstate New York. Photo by Dan Martland
In the autumn millions of sardines aggregate at Los Islotes islands in the Sea of Cortez and create spectacular susurrations. Photo by Alex Double
Bubblegum Girl. Photo by From Bee With Love
Flaming looks with one eye. Photo by Henk Goossens
Fishing farms in the sea. Photo by dronesmedia

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A moonlit image of Heptonstall, taken just after a rain shower. Photo by Frances Wilson
A highland cow, licking the flies away. Photo by Frances Wilson
Sunrise over Fitz Roy in the Argentinian Patagonia. Photo by Rémi Bergougnoux
These red kites and obviously had a long and tiring day and were fighting at sunset. An amazing sight from my garden this summer. Photo by Linda Robertson
Old town with colorful buildings on hill slope. Photo by Clipp
The Rocket Lab Electron carrying NASA payload CAPSTONE to the moon. Taken at 0955 UTC on 28 June 2022, in Nuhaka, 27km from the Launchpad on Māhia Peninsula, East Cape, New Zealand. Photo by FWPhys
These little puffins are to be found on cliff edges. They are smaller than folk realise and are a real draw for visitors to the Shetland Islands. At Sumburgh Lighthouse there is an area fenced/walled off where visitors can view the puffins up close as they are quite tame. Photo by Anne Macdonald

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A drone shot above a wave, crashing onto the sand. Photo by Caden Smith
A five minute long exposure of the steel posts at Newhaven, East Sussex. Photo by Lloyd Austin
Mt. Drum towering over the Glenn Highway. Photo by Logan Maddox
Drone view of famous Tegalalang rice terrace in Bali, Indonesia, with palm trees beautiful pattern. Photo by Ilvia
An outstanding view of the Dubai skyline taken at sunrise, with the skyscrapers of downtown district and the always busy Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Gheorghi Pentchev
Windmill by night during lightning wheel. Photo by Henk Goossens
Twice a year this phenomenon happens on the streets of New York City. Where the sun perfectly aligns from west to east perfectly down 42nd street. Photo by Dan Martland

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Aerial view of Cambridge market square, Cambridge UK. Photo by Doug Wallace
A lone starfish pictured on the Homer Spit, Alaska. Photo by Logan Maddox
A bird landing on a blue flower at golden hour. Photo by It's Elliot Burns
Icelandic volcano Fagradalsfjall. Photo by Above Iceland
Three Californian Sea lions entering an arch at Los Islotes in the late afternoon sun beams. Photo by Alex Double