Travel Photography Competition - The Runner-ups

Travel Photography Competition - The Runner-ups

The stunning runner-up images from the Focus travel photography competition

From the moody mists of San Francisco to a scorching sunset over Rhodes; we love all of these travel shots and we hope you find these images just as inspiring as we do!

A stunning day at St Andrews Bay - South Georgia with King Penguins everywhere. It was estimated that there was approximately 150000 penguins on the beach. Photo by Stuart Hampton
A Southwest Airlines plane flies below a half moon. Photo by Nicolas Bamberski
During a sunset cruise I was elated to ride underneath this famous San Francisco landmark, and when I turned around, I saw the birds hovering through the fog. Photo by Fia Raboy
Hengifoss waterfall in East Iceland. Photo by Above Iceland
A group of Indian women queue to enter the Taj Mahal. Photo by Kate Burton
A beautiful sunrise at Portland Headlight after some light snow. Photo by Ryan Constable
A goat rests on a step on the banks of the Ganges River at Varanasi. He seems to have made this step his home! Photo by Kate Burton

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A bright sunrise over the River Colne in Wivenhoe, Essex. Photo by Tableau
Granville Island entrance, Vancouver, BC. Photo by Briden Spence
Winding road through the moss in Iceland. Photo by Above Iceland
Lone Galah taking flight from a foliage free tree branch in the morning sun. Photo by Miles Tweedie
A fleet of brown pelicans flies towards the city of San Francisco covered in fog. Photo by Nicolas Bamberski
Buttermere has to be one of the best locations i have had the pleasure of visiting. Again this was a 330am set off and it was worth every bit of sleep i missed. This photo needs no words to describe it. Photo by David Booth
Silhouette of Two Gray langurs, also called Hanuman langurs or Hanuman monkeys (Semnopithecus) in a tree at sunset. Ranthambore national park India. Photo by Albert Beukhof
Little boy climbs to top to complete the human tower being created during festival day of Sant Jordi (April 23) in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. Photo by Mehul Patel
An old lady carrying her bag on her head in a local market in Dhanusha. Photo by Suman Acharya
Downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge at the crack of dawn, with a smooth bay in the foreground and a layer of fog coming through the Golden Gate. Photo by Nicolas Bamberski
The setting sun near Pefkos in Rhodes, Greece. Lovely silhouettes of the hill ridges. Photo by Gordon Young
Exploring the streets of the old town of Tallinn being equivalent to being lost within a real life fairytale. Photo by Lavandan Jegatheeswaran
Shelter in Slovenian Alps. Beautiful Architecture. Contrast and compatibility. Photo by Tadeja Pavšič
And the winner...

See the stunning winning image from the Focus Travel Competition here!

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