How to use your Picfair Store's search feature

First published:
September 14, 2023
January 30, 2024

How to use your Picfair Store's search feature

First published:
September 14, 2023
January 30, 2024

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Improve the browsing experience for visitors to your Picfair Store by incorporating a search bar, it's incredibly easy to use, here's how

What is the search bar for Picfair Stores?

Did you know that with your Picfair Store, you can also include a search bar in the Store Header so visitors can search for specific images?

It’s a fantastic feature to make use of. If a visitor is looking for something specific in your Picfair Store, the search bar tool can help them find it quickly and easily. It could make all the difference whether you’ll bag that sale, too.

The search functionality is particularly beneficial if you have an extensive set of images, such as a collection that covers a mix of different themes, subjects or topics.

Or, if you’re a sports photographer, for example, and want to have your images searchable by event so customers can find the relevant images easily. Also, if you have images detailing very specific things, such as names of locations, plants, people, etc., that are uniquely identifiable by specific words and terms.

The search bar for your Picfair Store helps visitors find images quickly

How does the Search Bar work for Picfair Stores?

The search bar will pick up any words you’ve added to your images in the caption, title, or tag fields. As a reminder, these can be added to any image you’ve uploaded from your Image Library.

For an overview of how to add tags, titles and captions to your images, see our guide with instructions.

So, for example, if you uploaded an image that features the word "train” in either the caption, title or tags. When typing this into your store's search barm results will appear that feature the word "train"; see the example below.

The search bar will always appear in the top right corner of you Picfair Store. Alongside share options, currency and basket.
Click on "SEARCH" to enter a search term
Here you can enter free text for what you would like to search for
Results will then appear with any images with information matching the search term.
Please note: The search functionality searches through all of your images. So, viewing a specific album page and using the search bar will bring up results from all images, not from within the album page you are viewing.

It’s incredibly easy, and your Search should automatically be enabled when you set up your store.

To enable the search bar, go to the “HEADER AND NAVIGATION” section of “STORE SETTINGS” on your Picfair Dashboard.

Scroll down to Search, and you see this option toggled to green, meaning it is enabled on your Store. If, for any reason, you want to turn off the search functionality, simply toggle off the green.

To enable the search bar, go to the
HEADER AND NAVIGATION section of “STORE SETTINGS” on your Picfair Dashboard
Scroll down to "Search". When this field is toggled to green, this means search is enabled on your Picfair Store
Tips for getting the most out of Picfair Store search:

- Write detailed captions and titles for your images. Be as descriptive as possible to describe your images' content and the visual nature of your shots.

- Use words and terms you can imagine your customers using if they search for images; think like them. So, for example, if you’re taking a series of street images around London, make sure that you use the word London in your image titles, captions and tags. That way, someone landing on your store looking for an image of London will find it quickly and easily

- As well as titles and captions, add a range of tags to your image that not only describe the content of your image, but also the context of it too (i.e. is it a landscape image, does it have space for copy etc). For more information on how to tag images, see our guide.
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