How to prepare your Picfair Store for the holiday season: 4 top tips

First published:
November 10, 2023
February 13, 2024

How to prepare your Picfair Store for the holiday season: 4 top tips

First published:
November 10, 2023
February 13, 2024

Photo by Erik Mclean

'Tis the season! Embrace the festive spirit in your Picfair Store to boost your views and sales. Here are four expert tips to prepare your store…

The festive season can be a fantastic time to do something different with your store and increase your sales by promoting your work as gifts. Here are some top tips to get your prepared…

1 Update your store branding & content to reflect the holiday season

An excellent way to promote your Picfair Store for the holiday season is to update the branding and theme across your website. For example, create a holiday-themed colour scheme or update your logo, watermark and welcome page to reflect the festive season. It’s also a great way to give your store a temporary new look and refresh, keeping your visitors engaged.

Also, consider updating the titles, captions and tags with holiday-inspired terms to make your images more discoverable in search and highlight the visual aspects of your images that reflect the holidays.

You can update the colour scheme and theme of your Picfair Store from the Theme & Layout section of your Store Settings.

Even just changing the colours of a couple of elements in your Picfair Store (like the text) can give it a holiday theme

2 Offer a time-limited discounted rate on your images

You can potentially boost sales of your images at this time of year by providing limited-time discounts, or special promotions for shoppers looking to buy for the holiday. So it’s definitely worth considering offering a discounted offer on your pics to encourage sales.

You should display information about the discounted rate prominently on your Picfair Store homepage (such as in the bio text) or create a dedicated album for images on offer. Not only will this attract potential customers, but will also encourage them to make a purchase sooner rather than later.

You can edit text in the Header Bio from the Homepage section of your Store Settings.

Example of a Picfair Store homepage with discount information displayed prominently

3 Run a social media campaign promoting your photography as gifts

In November and December, consider running a social media campaign across your channels where you promote your store and your images as holiday gifts. Also, if you’ve chosen to run any discounted rates on the prices of your images for the festive season, it’s certainly worth mentioning this in your posts. If it’s time-limited, you could even do a “countdown”, i.e. "5 days left to get 50% off all my images...".

See our dedicated guide on leveraging social media for image sales.

Your social media profiles give you an ideal platform for promoting your work for the holidays. Photo by Tracy Le Blanc

4 Update the messaging on your store to reflect the holiday season (and any print deadlines)

If you’re choosing to run any offers or promote your images as prints, always remember that production and postal systems can be stressed during the holiday season. Therefore print and production times can take longer than normal.

We’d highly recommend checking the average print and production times in our print FAQs here and communicating this across your store and channels. I.e. you could recommend an order deadline of the last week of November to ensure that prints arrive in good time before Christmas. As always with these things, the earlier, the better.

If you’re concerned about print deadlines, another option is to promote buying your images as digital downloads and encourage customers to take the image to a print lab of their choice.

Always remember that production and postal systems can be stressed over the holiday period, so make sure you let your customers know they should order prints well in advance. Or, encourage them to buy a download and print themselves. Photo by Erik Mclean

Final thoughts

I hope these tips prove helpful to you and give you an idea of what you can do to prepare your store for the upcoming season, should you wish.

And remember, too, that the holiday season is not just about selling your images; it's also an opportunity to connect with your audience, spread a little bit of that festive ob (!), and make a longer, lasting impression on your customers, so they’ll be inclined to return for future orders.

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