Lightroom expert James Abbott demonstrates how you can give your images a vintage candy colour makeover with his simple step-by-step video tutorial


In this tutorial, we cover 20 individual adjustments so we’ve included the settings below to allow you to watch the video and easily view the settings applied at the same time. It’s still important to watch the video tutorial because much more than just the settings are covered, including what’s happening when many of the settings are changed and how to create, test and apply Lightroom Presets.

Basic adjustments:

Contrast: -70
Highlights: -30
Shadows +60
Whites -70
Blacks +65

HSL / Color adjustments:


Hue +15
Saturation +15
Luminance +20


Hue +15
Saturation -10
Luminance +10


Hue -15
Saturation -10
Luminance +30

Hue -30
Saturation -45
Luminance +50


Hue -20
Saturation -5
Luminance +5

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