How I sell my photos with Picfair Stores: Interview with photographer Bence Szabo

How I sell my photos with Picfair Stores: Interview with photographer Bence Szabo

All images by Bence Szabo

Photographer Bence Szabo talks to us about his work and how he sold photos for the very first time using his Picfair Store

When did you first get into photography?

From a young age, my passion for photography has been a constant companion. Wherever it was capturing moments during family trips or exploring new vistas, I found myself instinctively reaching for my camera or cell phone to capture scenes that caught my eye. This passion continued to grow throughout my academic journey in the United States.

During a winter break back home in Hungary after my second year of university, I was discussing potential side hustles with my parents, when they pointed out my love for photography. This marked the beginning of my journey as a photographer, where I could not only capture beautiful moments but also share them with a wider audience.

"Interesting Looking Cloud" by Bence Szabo

What equipment do you use?

Faced with a limited budget, I strategically approached my entry into photography. Recognizing the need for quality equipment, I made a prudent choice by investing in a high-caliber cell phone capable of capturing exceptional images.

To further improve my skills, I undertook a course developed by a famous Hungarian photographer, Pal Nanasi. This course was uniquely tailored to mastering the art of professional photography exclusively with a phone. However, in the future, I am planning to invest in a new camera in order to make the quality of my pictures better and better. 

What’s your favourite photo, and what inspires you to keep taking photos?

Presently, a standout favorite among my collection in my Picfair store is the piece titled “Aerial Serenity Above the Reed Filled Pier at Lake Balaton.” This particular shot was taken from a vantage point atop a lookout tower during one of my summer visits back home. Whenever I look at this picture, it has its way of making me feel all calm and peaceful.

For me, capturing moments through photography allows me to tell stories for others, evoke emotions, and explore the beauty in the world. It is the joy of creating art and sharing unique perspectives that keeps me inspired to keep taking photos.

“Aerial Serenity Above the Reed Filled Pier at Lake Balaton.” by Bence Szabo
"There is no such thing as the perfect camera or editing style. Prioritizing your unique artistic voice and personal style are what set you apart in a crowded creative landscape."

Do you consider yourself a hobbyist photographer, amateur, pro, or something else?

Currently, I consider myself a hobbyist, since I have my sport to have all my focus on. However, I am constantly trying to learn new things by reading books, watching videos and looking at other professional photographers.

Since I have a shy and quiet personality this is one of my favorite quotes from an amazing photographer; “Photography is the story I fail to put into words” - Destin Sparks.

"Lightning" by Bence Szabo

Why did you decide to use Picfair?

I chose Picfair because it felt like the perfect match for what I was looking for. I wanted a platform where I could not only showcase my photos but also have the opportunity to sell them. When I came across Picfair’s ad on Instagram, it was like a lightbulb moment. The idea of having my own space to display my work and potentially make money from it sounded fantastic.

The idea of being able to make my own theme for the website really caught my attention. I also saw it as a smart investment in my photography journey. WIth Picfair Plus, I felt like I was taking my online presence up a notch. It is not just about showcasing my photos anymore, it is about presenting them in a way that is uniquely me.

My favorite feature is that I can set my own prices. However, I also like that I am capable of customizing my website and color theme.

The homepage of Bence's Picfair Store

Is Picfair the first place you’ve sold your photos?

Yes, I made my first ever sale on Picfair, and I have now made a total of 17 sales in a pretty short amount of time, which I am very happy about. I tried one website before Picfair, but I did not like it since I was not able to set my own prices. 

A selection of Bence's images sold on his Picfair Store

Tell us the story of how you made your first sale on Picfair

I was getting ready for one of the first games of the season, when I got an email from Picfair that I made some money. First, I did not want to believe it, I thought it was just some advertisement. However, when I read the whole message I got very excited and happy, and it gave me a lot of motivation.

How do you promote your Picfair store?

I have created an Instagram account to showcase my evolving portfolio of my images. Additionally, I create stories and posts with a link for my website.

Bence's globgraphy Instagram account

If you had to offer one tip on how to be a successful seller on Picfair, what would it be?

If I were to give advice it would be the following: There is no such thing as the perfect camera or editing style. Prioritizing your unique artistic voice and personal style are what set you apart in a crowded creative landscape. 

What do you want from your future with regards to photography?

Currently, my primary focus resolves on my water polo career and my academic commitments. Concurrently, I am steadily laying the foundation for my photography career and, I am saving up my photography earnings in order to upgrade my photography gear. 

My aspiration is to eventually transition it into a central vocation, allowing me to explore the world through my lens while maintaining a dynamic balance with my other passions.

"Deer Smelling Camera" by Bence Szabo
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