How does Picfair work for event photographers? Q&A explainer

First published:
June 14, 2024
June 25, 2024

How does Picfair work for event photographers? Q&A explainer

First published:
June 14, 2024
June 25, 2024

Cover image showing Picfair Stores by event photographers

Did you know that if you're an event photographer you can apply to get your images fast tracked for speedy selling on your Picfair Store? Read on to learn how Picfair works for event photographers...

How do Picfair Stores work for event photographers, and how can I fast track my images to sell them quickly?

Picfair Stores are a popular e-commerce solution for event photographers.

Whether you’re taking pictures at cross-country ski races, ju-jitsu matches, weddings, parties, car shows, dog shows, paint balling matches, or country fairs, (you name it, we've seen it) with a Picfair Store, we make it easy for you to upload your images, put them in albums, and sell them directly to your customers from your Store.

Examples of event and sports photographer Picfair Stores

We’ve also introduced new processes that mean, as an event, sports, or party photographer, you can sell your images almost immediately when you upload them. This has been a recurring request among event photographers using the Picfair Stores platform, so we’re thrilled to be able to now bring this functionality to you.

Read on with our Q&A to learn more about what you can expect when selling your images as an event photographer with a Picfair Store, and what you need to do to get your images fast-tracked for selling:

Can I use my Picfair Store to sell photos directly from events?

Yes! Event photographers are significant and growing users of Picfair Stores. Our simple upload system and ability to sell your images on both a print and license basis mean it’s quick and simple for event photographers to get their images to their customers as soon as possible.

We’re seeing photographers use Picfair Stores to sell images for a massive range of events, be it horse riding, karate classes, proms, extreme sports events; you name it, we’ve seen a Picfair Store for it!

The Picfair Store of event photographer Mil's Portraits who takes pictures at dog shows and contents to sell on their store

If you want to see another live example of an event photographer’s store with an in-depth account of how they use they use it for events, take a look at the Picfair Store and interview with extreme sports photographer Facundo Villegas, who uses his Picfair Store to sell images from the many races he photographs.

I need my images immediately available to sell right after an event (sometimes even during an event). Does a Picfair Store allow me to do that?

Yes! We understand that event photographers need their images live and available for sale ASAP, so we’ve put special protocols in place to ensure you can sell your images right away with your Picfair Store.

A Picfair Store showing the download buying options for an image from a sporting event

While most images uploaded to Picfair Stores require moderation to ensure that they adhere to Picfair’s Terms and Conditions and comply with the Licenses we provide for photographer’s images (which can take one business day). If you’re an event photographer, we can approve your account in advance and enable ‘fast-track’ uploading to your Picfair Store through the manual moderation process.

All images uploaded to your Picfair Store will go through a license assignment process and should be live within an hour.

So, how can I ‘fast-track’ my images to be live (and for sale) on my Picfair Store?

Get in touch via this form. If you already have a Picfair account, we’ll be able to see your details. If you haven’t signed up yet, please send us a selection of images to confirm that you’re an event photographer.

Get in touch via the form on our website if you already have a Picfair Account to fast track your images. If you're new to Picfair, email us first

We’ll also ask you to confirm that you will only upload event photos to your Picfair Store, that your images are free of watermarks, and that you own the copyright to your images. We ask for this information so we know in advance that your images adhere to Picfair’s T&Cs and image license requirements so they don’t require manual moderation. Please note that if we find that any uploaded images go against these requirements, your fast-tracked account privileges may be revoked.

Once confirmed, we’ll then flick a switch on your account, meaning your uploaded images will be 'fast-tracked' through moderation and go live to your Picfair Store within an hour.

You only need to get in touch to ask us to do this once. Once we’ve approved your account, you’re set to go for any future events!

You can find both contact links and more information in our Help Centre.

What must I do to make sure my fast-track request will be accepted?

Ensure images are watermark-free; this is the main reason why your request might be rejected - please ensure that any images you upload do not have watermarks or signatures. We watermark all images upon upload, so there’s no need to add your own.

We don’t accept images already watermarked because it’s impossible for us, or the buyer, to remove them. Picfair Stores have in-built watermark functionality, where images are automatically watermarked upon upload. That watermark stays on your images to protect them in their online setting but will be removed from the image upon purchase.

You can use either Picfair’s watermark or upload your own to your account with our custom watermark feature. Your custom watermark will be applied to any image when it's uploaded; learn more in our guide. Alternatively, you can choose to display no watermark at all.

Anything else I should know?

If you’d like your images fast-tracked, please let us know as soon as possible, ideally a day or two before the event or when you need to sell them. This way, we’ll make sure your account has the necessary settings in place before the event, so you won’t see any disruption before uploading.

Examples of various event and party photographer stores including charity portrait sessions, American football games, and paintball matches

We only offer the fast tracked service for photographers who are using their Picfair Store solely for event photography. If you plan to use your Picfair Store for any other types of images, these photos will still require moderation.

Next steps

If all the above sounds good to you and you’re ready to get your account fast-tracked for image uploads, get in touch here.

If you’re yet to sign up for a Picfair Store you can do so here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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