5 brilliant photography stores from the Picfair community

5 brilliant photography stores from the Picfair community

Be inspired by these stunning stores from members of the Picfair community

Kate Peskett Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

Kate is an amateur photographer based in the UK who enjoys creating images of wildlife and landscapes, featuring an array of beautifully-curated albums, which included a dedicated albums for recently added images (a great idea for directing customers to new work) and a festive 'spooky season' collection.

Explore Kate's Picfair Store here

Red Zeppelin Aerial Photography

Red Zeppelin provides aerial photography and videography in the South West of England, the images in their store match together perfectly and feature a strong visual aesthetic throughout.

Explore Red Zeppelin's Picfair Store

Josh Withers

Josh is an "Australian father with a runny nose", as quoted in his photographer bio! His images feature stunning scenes from across Australia, beautifully edited and perfect for wall art, which he sums up perfectly on his homepage with the single sentence "The world as I see it, hanging on your wall".

Browse Josh's Picfair Store here

Si Newman Photography

Si Newman brings to his store an incredible series of astrophotography shots, neatly placed into themed albums for viewing. He opens his store with "If I'm outside, I'm happy!". Yep, we can definitely see that from these amazing shots!

Discover Simon's work here

Josephine Carter Photography

Josephine is a German photographer living in Australia. "I loooove my job I know many people say that , but I really love my job. I love being a business owner and a photographer" Josephine's store features a wide collection of images covering different themes, we particularly like the travel photography album (below) with its candid observations.

Browse Josephine's extensive photography collection
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