2022 Round-up - Photographer interviews of 2022

2022 Round-up - Photographer interviews of 2022

Cover image by David Young

Be inspired by our photographer interviews from 2022 & find out just how they created their stunning images

In search of some creative inspiration to push yourself to get out there with your camera? See how these photographers created their unique bodies of work and delve into their thoughts and processes on how they got their shots with our series of interviews from 2022...

1 Interview with Matt Hoyland on his series 'Imagined Country'

Documentary photographer Matt Hoyland talks us through his outstanding photographic series - Inspired Country - along with how 'the everyday' inspired him and why he likes to shoot in dark, damp and murky coniditons.

2 Interview with Philipp Dase on his long exposure photography series

Photographer Philipp Dase talks us through his sublime series of long exposure images, how exactly how he achieved those shots, from in-camera technique to post production processes.

3 Interview with Eren Çevik on his series 'Turkiye'

İstanbul-based photographer Eren Çevik discusses the thoughts he puts behind capturing an image and how the weather, spontaneity and his own emotions drives his work.

4 Interview with Tom Cheater on his series 'Krygyszstan'

Photographer Tom Cheater discusses the thoughts, processes and composition techniques behind his awe-inspiring Kyrgyzstan photo series.

5 Interview with Alberto Di Guida on his series 'Azerbaijan'

Photographer and filmmaker Alberto Di Guida discusses his personal journey to create his emotive Azerbaijan series, and delves into the thoughts and processes behind his shots.

6 Interview with Paul Prim on his series '3 AM'

Paul Prim talks us through his dark and moody '3 AM' photography series and reveals the story (and techniques) behind this beautiful and beguiling body of work.

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