2022 Round-up: Most unusual photography guides of the year

2022 Round-up: Most unusual photography guides of the year

First published:
December 21, 2022
February 13, 2024

Challenge yourself with something a little different with our guides on the more unusual areas of photographic practice

1 A beginner's guide to underwater photography

Learn how to take your camera underwater for stunning photos with these 10 top tips.

2 How to use prisms for creative photography

If you're looking for an easy and fun way to add something unique to your photos, give glass prism photography a go!

3 Why you shouldn’t edit your images until weeks after a shoot

Focus editor Philip discusses why it’s a good idea not to look or work on your images immediately after a shoot in our feature on an editing technique that's a little different.

4 How to take incredible high-speed pet photos

Capture your cavorting pets in action with these top ten tips along with the essential camera skills.

5 A beginner's guide to infrared

Infrared light is all around us, yet it’s invisible to the human eye. Thankfully, with the right kit and a few simple skills our cameras are capable of capturing this elusive light, and it can lead to stunning photos…

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