2022 Round-up - Most inspirational Focus guides of the year

2022 Round-up - Most inspirational Focus guides of the year

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Get inspiration for your photography with our favourite guides of 2022

1 Six common photography fears (and how to overcome them)

Have you recently started on your photography journey? If so, you may already have some of these common photography fears that newbie photographers face when starting out:

2 Why it's fine to love your 'bad' images

Focus editor Philip discusses why the only person you should be pleasing when it comes to your photography is yourself.

3 No more snapshots! 7 tips for more meaningful photos

Want to elevate your photography beyond casual snapshots? Read our tips and ideas to help you take your photos to the next level:

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4 How to find your perfect photography location

Five top tips for finding the ideal locations for your photography and how to work out the best conditions for visiting:

5 Ten top cities in North America for photography

10 of the best North American cities that every photographer should have on their bucket list.

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