2022 Round-up - Editor's picks of Focus articles from the year

2022 Round-up - Editor's picks of Focus articles from the year

Focus editor Philip highlights his favourite articles from Focus contributors in 2022

1 A photographer's guide to honeypot locations

Well-known and popular locations are a sure bet for great images you know will work, but this can come at the cost of originality as well as being incredibly busy. James Abbott explains more in his guide to photographer honeypot sites.

2 Why photography just gets harder the better you get (& how to overcome that)

The better you get at photography the harder it becomes, but there are simple ways to keep yourself motivated and continue to grow as a photographer. James Abbott explains how with his top tips.

3 How to get started with film photography

Film (or analog) photography has been around for decades and has enjoyed a significant resurgence over the past few years. Shooting with a film camera will expand your creativity and teach you a few photography principles along the way. Learn how with our guide on getting started with film photography from Anete Lusina.

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4 How to get a blurred foreground for your landscape photos

Add a sense of depth to your landscape shots using a shallow depth-of-field to blur the foreground and get that trending look with our tutorial from James Abbott.

5 How to self-critique your photos

It’s not necessarily an easy task, but examining, re-examining and being (positively) critical about your own photography work can help you to improve it in a number of ways. Learn how with our guide on self-critiquing your photography.

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