15 inspiring examples of analogue film photography

15 inspiring examples of analogue film photography

Cover image by Will Gudgeon

See how going back to analogue film photography (or discovering it for the first time) can give your shots a refreshing and stylish look

Film photography has made a glorious comeback, and its popularity only continues to grow. With the stapmedous arrival of digital in the early 2000s, film photography soon fell out of fashion - only remaining in skeletal form as a photographic niche among enthusiasts and fine-art photographers. However in recent years, capturing images on film has had a remarkable revival among the photography community, having become more mainstream than any time in the last decade (and longer) - you'll even find completely new analogue cameras and film rolls being released on the market.

"Film photography has made a glorious comeback, and its popularity only continues to grow."

It's easy to see some of the reasons why film photography has made such a resurgence; the beautiful aesthetic of images captured on film has a timeless appeal, and there's a certain kind of beauty in the simplicity of using a film camera with only a limited number of shots available per film roll. The medium also appeals to all age groups; younger photography are discovering film for the first time, and older generations enjoy the nostalgia of going back to analogue. The trend has also been picked up by the wider creative industries - it's not uncommon to see images captured with film used for the latest book covers and advertising campaigns.

So, would we say it's worth working with film in 2022? Absolutely! To help you get inspired, here's some of our favourite shots from the Picfair community that have been captured on film.

"An outstanding photo taken at dawn in the Dolomites, Italy" - photographed on slide film by Massimo Pellegrin
"Leeds train station at night" - photographed on 35mm film by Dan Tolomeo
"Staircase decorated with street art" - by Lourdes Siracuza Cappi
"The Diner, St Augustine, Florida, USA" - photo by Cameron McFarlane
"Boy with a sword" - taken with a Seagull TLR camera on Cinestill film by Andreea Hara
"Morning at Beachy Head Lighthouse" - photographed with a Mamiya RB67 and some Fuji Velvia 50 photographic film by Will Gudgeon
"A ship and its reflection in the mist" - shot on film by Wolf Photography
"Burgundy Dr. Martens" - photographed on Ilford film by Ross Matthews
"York city centre during the Tour de France" from Dan Tolomeo
"Crossing the street" - photo by Grgrgrz
"Tucking into a plate of eggs and beans on a Sunday morning" - 35mm film image by Amber
"A local resident from Jardim da Penha selling coconut water out in the heat in Brazil" - photo by Jeroen Jorissen
"Two seagulls photographed with a 35mm SLR near Brighton Pier" - photo by Michael Morrow
"Rockefeller Square at Christmas" - photo by Helena Miller
"A photo of my friend taken after our exams" - photo by Cameron McFarlane

We hope you find this collection inspiring, stay tuned for more film-photography related Focus features coming soon!

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