10 beautiful examples of framing in photographic composition

10 beautiful examples of framing in photographic composition

Cover image by Tor Treff

See how adding frames to your compositions can give your shots a unique look with these stunning examples from the Picfair community

Including a frame in your image compositions is a great way to add an additional layer of interest to the subject of your shots. Framing isn't the easiest compositional technique to master, it takes practice, and not every image will demand a frame - but when the elements come together at the right place and right time, the results can be stunning.

Look around enough and frames can be found almost everywhere (see some of the most commonly used frames at the end of this article), and here are some brilliant and imaginative examples from Picfair Stores:

"Perfectly framed, a bus rides through the city as the setting sun lights up the buildings." - by Jack Evans
"These autumn foggy mornings are the best form me :) Horse in front, she felt in love with me, so she followed me always, on the other side the other one ignored me. So I used legs of my new love and framing with her :)" - by Tomáš Hudolin
"Your smile" - by El.DiPi
"Holding a colourful umbrella in the moon gate at Mandarin's House, in Macau." - Photo by Mark Paulda
"Window shopping" - by Tomasso Carrara
"Ruins of the medieval Al Sulaif fortress in Ibri, Oman." - by Ronan Shenhav
"Yick fat monster building in Hong Kong" - by Tor Treff
"Frame In Frame" by George Natsioulis
"Silhouette of a passenger jet crossing the sky, framed by several telephone wires" - by Simon Knox
"A beautifully framed tree on a foggy autumn day in The Wyre Forest" - by Jack Evans
Some places to look for frames:

- Doors and windows
- Archways
- Rock formations
- Railings
- Fencing
- Bridges
- Foliage
- Shapes in people and animals
- Chains
- Skyscrapers and tall buildings (looking up)

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