10 beautiful examples of Autumnal photography to get you inspired for the season

10 beautiful examples of Autumnal photography to get you inspired for the season

Cover image by Ross Matthews

Autumn (or Fall) is one of the most popular seasons for outdoor photography, get ready for the leaf-peeping season with inspiration from these stunning themed shots

With its spectrum orange hues, warm soft tones and enchanting, otherworldly light; Autumn (or Fall) is a firm favourite - myself included - with all types of outdoor photographers. And for some, it's the season that beats them all; particularly if you're a landscape photographer as it means you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn (or stay up super late) for the gorgeous autumn golden hour.

Whether you prefer to set your camera and tripod at a foliage-covered waterfall, or you prefer to roam the urban landscape looking for fall-themed scenes; these shots show the power of autumn in photography and I hope they inspire you.

And if you're looking to get the very best out of your Autumnal shots, see our dedicated guide on how to capture beautiful scenes.

A small cottage or 'bothy' sits by a loch in the midst of Autumn colours. Photo by Graham McKenzie-Smith - f/5.6 | 1/125s | ISO 100
Waterfall in Autumn with Maple Leaves, Humboldt County, California. Photo by Jeffrey Schwartz - f/6.3 | 0.8s | ISO 250
Dawn in Autumn by Gerda ML van Wyk
Morning mist at autumn lake by Mikael Svensson Photography - f/14 | 1/4s | ISO 100
The Huddersfield Narrow Canal as it passes through Uppermill, Lancashire,England, with the autumn colours reflected in the still water. Photo by James Barrott
Misty forest by Lukáš Veselý
A push bike leans again some autumn leaves in Brugge, Belgium by Ross Matthews
Cora Linn (Falls of Clyde, near New Lanark in Scotland) surrounded by Autumn colours by Paul Roberts - f/11 | 0.5s | ISO 100
Autumnal tunnel of trees in Sussex by Sam Moore - f/18 | 0.5s | ISO 100
Golden light on an Autumn day on Hampstead Heath, London, UK. Photo by Chrissie - f/6.3 | 1/160s | ISO 200
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