VIDEO: Photographing Glencoe - Seeing Beyond the Icons

VIDEO: Photographing Glencoe - Seeing Beyond the Icons

Follow along as landscape photographer Murray Livingston explores the famous Glencoe valley in the Scottish Highlands and gives you some excellent advice for making unique images beyond the usual, well-trodden spots

Glencoe, Scotland, is one of the most striking and alluring parts of the Highlands, famous for its jaw-dropping peaks and valleys, and made famous as one of the filming locations for James Bond: Skyfall. Glencoe is well-loved by tourists and landscape photographers alike (also commonly referred to as a honeypot site within the photographer community), and for a good reason too, and has provided the ideal setting for spectacular landscape photography for decades. However, as we know, when a place is unequivocally popular with photographers, it can become very easy to everyone to capture the same type of images. As you’ll see in this video guide, Murrary moved away from the popular spots to find new and unique perspectives in this astounding landscape.

Murray demonstrates how connecting with nature personally and meaningfully can lead to creating landscape photographs beyond iconic images.

He shares his tips on the importance of doing extensive research on different locations with maps, using the current weather conditions (whatever they may be) to your advantage, learning about the natural world around you, and ultimately, making photographs of intimate scenes within the landscape.

Video Chapters:

- Introduction
1:35 - Using Maps to Plan your Outing
2:32 - Photography on Rannoch Moor
5:55 - Photography in Glen Etive
8:15 - Photography in The Lost Valley
13:22 - Conclusion
13:59 - All Images from the Video

We hope you enjoy this video and that it ultimately inspires you to both visit those well-loved landscape photography locations, but when you're there, discover your own perspective with your camera.

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