How I sell photos with my Picfair Store: In conversation with photographer Em Womersley

How I sell photos with my Picfair Store: In conversation with photographer Em Womersley

First published:
September 18, 2023
February 14, 2024

All photos by Em Womersley

Equestrian and event photographer Em Womersley talks to us about how they use their Picfair Store to drive image sales & grow their practice

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When did you first get into photography, & what equipment do you use?

I was an A-level Photography student in the UK, looking for a 3rd easy subject to get me through college!

I started with a second-hand Kodak Pixpro A401, but I discovered I needed to upgrade with a better shutter speed; I now photograph with a Nikon DS3400.

Photo on Ems Lens Picfair Store

Do you consider yourself a hobbyist, amateur, or pro?

I consider myself a hobbyist; I enjoy taking photos and picking up my camera when I’m available, ensuring I have an equal balance between my other hobbies, work and home.

What’s your favourite photo on your Picfair Store?

This image (below) is of two riders I take regular photos of. Taking regular photos of them allows me to experiment with different areas of equine photography.

Photo on Ems Lens Picfair Store

I enjoy capturing a moment; no one cares what your face looks like or what you’re wearing in the sport; it’s all about the movement caught between rider and horse.

I aspire to continue with my equine sports photography; I am living my future goal.

What do you do apart from photography? 

I serve in the British Army, and compete with the REME equestrian team as much as possible; this gives me even more opportunities to get out and about with a camera.

How did you first come across Picfair, & why did you join?

My friend is into enduro racing; when looking at many photographers' images from an event, I decided that I loved how Picfair worked compared to other websites.

Out of all the websites I looked into and tried to set up, Picfair made the whole process hassle-free; they moderate the images, and the website design is so easy to set up but allows you to make it unique to yourself, all my photos have watermarks with my logo, and people can buy prints or canvases of their image.

I instantly upgraded to Picfair Plus, which allowed me to upload more images and have the specific personalisation I wanted. I make enough money each month to cover the small fee I have to pay towards the Picfair Plus, and more than anything, I love that my images have my OWN watermark.

"Just go out there and try it. I was apprehensive for the first couple times out that I wouldn’t make it in the industry, but persistence is key."
Screenshot from Ems Lens Picfair Store

Is Picfair the first place you’ve sold your photos?

Yes, I looked at setting up other websites, and it all just seemed far too technical for me. I only started selling images this March, and I have been more than happy with the system in place, the customisation of my store and the hassle-free sales.

Tell us the story of how you made your first sale with your Picfair Store

I had just bought my first camera, mainly so I could capture personal moments out on the hills, etc., I went to see a friend at a small local dressage competition and asked the venue if they had a photographer on site for the day, the next thing I know I’ve got my first full day out in the cold with my camera making friends with so many friendly people.

How do you promote your Picfair store?

I advertise my website after every shoot I do, and many people who look to get into photography ask me how I sell my images and why I chose Picfair, so I tell them!

"I advertise my website after every shoot I do..."
Screenshot from Ems Lens Picfair Store, with the custom watermark and full-screen image view.

What would it be if you had to offer one tip on being a successful seller on Picfair?

Just go out there and try it. I was apprehensive for the first couple times out that I wouldn’t make it in the industry, but persistence is key.

Photo in Ems Lens' Picfair Store

How many sales have you made with Picfair?

I have made £560 since starting with Picfair, which has paid off both my cameras and additional equipment I have purchased as well as extra.

How long did it take for you to make your first sale & how did it make you feel?

I set up my website the day I organised to go to my first event, which was days after purchasing my first camera. All images go through moderation, which is unbelievably quick with the amount of photos I upload.

I was ecstatic and overwhelmed that people liked my images; phone cameras can capture all sorts nowadays. However, there are so many people who want that shot that no one else can capture whilst in the arena.

Photo by Ems Lens photography

What do you do with your Picfair earnings?

The extra money I make goes towards my horse riding. Once I was at a profitable level, it was all going towards lessons and competitions (it’s also handy having a little extra cash at the end of the month).

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